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We are all swimming in an ocean of toxic items, we are surrounded by toxic people, may be we are ourselves toxic for others and it is exhausting, if not lethal. We can spot toxicity but sometimes we just let it go. But we are wasting our emotional capital and energies, we are putting our lives in danger by giving the keys to our lives to the wrong people, or accepting to work with the wrong energies and companies. Do you want to improve your life? Then get rid of toxic as you get rid of your home trash. Put yourself in the center of your priorities. You deserve it!

We all carry chains, the ones we choose, the ones someone put on you, mentally or physically. They are heavy on our heart and souls. They are stopping us from becoming who we are supposed to be, who we can be or become. You can decide to break free. Free from chains and pain. We don't have to be martyrs or victims, we are stronger than this and we definitely deserve much more than this! Have faith in you and choose to own your life and your future. Drop the chains  and give them back. Just be yourself.

Most of us want to change something in ourselves, believing this would really be the change maker in our lives. What if we lost 100 pounds, and went from the heavier side of the scale to the really lighter side? What is changing and what do we really loose, or gain? 

Freedom ranks high on people's priority. So it seems. But if you ask what is included in freedom, depending on the person you'll have all kinds of responses. Overall do we really need what we are ready to fight for, or if freedom depends on your location, gender, social status or personal history? Are we all ready to have total freedom for ourselves? Could we handle this? Going back to our core values can help us define our very personal definition of freedom and help us set priorities in our daily challenges.

How long until you decide this relationship isn't working out, that maybe you'll be better off on your own? Giving up on hopes, dreams, phantasies and life projects is a hurting process. Do you decide to stay, because you'd rather not be alone, because it seems easier, day in day out. When do you feed your need for a real love and relationship? One that will satisfy you, in every (or most aspect), one where you'll be able to bloom and evolve peacefully. How much time will you waste on that decision? The longer you'll stay in this limbo, the longer it will take you to heal. Being heartbroken, at any age, will hurt. But so will the common misery.

Ageism, growing older, getting older, the labelling doesn't stop. Big topic, at all levels. We want diversity, we praise differences, but we are at war, economically and socially. We feel the pressure to "behave" according to our age. I will fight you to the ground for this! I will wear what I feel like, listen to any music that makes me feel good, walk at the speed that pleases me, buy the car (I can afford...) but tell me the brand or the color. My life is the sum of my experiences, good or bad, and I want to collect and experience many more. I'm alive, and free, and for now, pain doesn't rule my life, so accept my difference, or go your way. Let's praise our imperfections, we are unique, to the end. 

There are relationships we have, the ones we wish we had and the ones we really screw up. Wrong timing, wrong person, unhealed hearts and souls. Everything can go wrong, we sometimes have too much expectations, we look for our white shining knight, our savior, but he/she is just a human. If we are lucky they will complete us and we will experience some real bliss. Let's not put any expectations there, just ground rules so we don't end up to hurt. The vibration the right person can set out is magic, but truly our body and our mind need to be ready. Love will find you, be patient, keep an open mind, it can be very different from what you think you need.

There is a lot about empowering women, but it is largely overused, by everyone. And it misleads women, and men. I believe there is more than complaining about current and past negative experiences. They made you who you are but there now are actions to be taken, solutions to be found. For you and the next generation of young women, confronted to private and professional negative, downgrading, humiliating or even scaring experiences. Everyone can be an actor of positive change, because women need more than positive intentions or venting opportunities. 

From childhood to adulthood, we are always placing our faith, hopes and dreams into someone else's hand. We try to believe they will do the right thing, that they are the right people. From our parents (were they normal?), to our leaders, politicians, spirituals leaders, we need to make sure they are who they say they are, that our lives matters as much as their individuals goals and plans. We all need to be accountable, for our children, for the next generation, if we want to inspire them to greatness.

Everyday people walk to you and tell you "you have to", when actually you don't. Take a step back on what is really necessary and how we can improve the way going through life. We can all make our own decisions on what we "have to", if we want to. This should free us some quality time and improve the quality of our lives.

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