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While this should be a happy session, family,, vacation, dreams come true, decompress, peaceful time, instead it’s CHAYoS, WAR, DESOLATION, FRUSTRATION. Thousands of planned cancelled, tourists stranded, Covid lurking to expand, employees gruntled and manager MIA. The caption for this catastrophe could be Ma’m, you’ve been screwed. Long and hard. Shane in all leaders, national and Europeans, government offices and security officiers. This is on you !

Have we over complicated our lives? Are we killing our spontaneity and joy by having to define our action and reason our activities. We need a time out of this nonsense and regain our mindfulness and joy in life and love.

It’s actually ok to be purpose free, to flow with the day, to change your mind and have new dreams and hope. Everything is not about your mission or to set objectives, realistic or not. We are all different and our differences don’t need to be labeled with new diversity “boxes”. Give yourself a break from the pressure of having to define yourself with concepts and words. No need to justify the way you think or see the world. Be a free spirit! This is your life, own it, live it fully.

Can we blame others for our unfulfilled lives, our forever search for love and attention? How can we break the chain of bad relationships and stop wasting our time? Could we be the key?

We make somehow ourselves- and others - more miserable with our fear of the unknown or our inability to deal with new situation. Stop the drama by moving on when others don’t meet your criteria. Decide if it’s worth making the human effort to get to know a different person or not. It could change your present and future life.

Memories are our only valuables, good or bad, they make your life worth living - or not - but they live a trace in the hearts and souls of those who loved you. Make your memories now, don’t wait.?

War, virus, snow, international crisis and Mother Nature still blessing us with spring beauty. Happy Ramadan for those who celebrate this and happy Easter 🐰 (please go vegan) to the world. Be human kind if you can. Hug a 🌲. Count your blessings.

It’s spring, celebrations are on the way … and war is taking over in Ukraine 🇺🇦 I’m asking you to keep your eyes open and ask yourself the right questions. You can shape your world, don’t wait for the governments to do so, too slow, too many political hindering…. #hfbd

Some make headline news some hardly know how to write their name but they hall have a mission !

We’re waiting got the young and experienced leaders ready to play new rules and trying try path.

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