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From childhood to adulthood, we are always placing our faith, hopes and dreams into someone else's hand. We try to believe they will do the right thing, that they are the right people. From our parents (were they normal?), to our leaders, politicians, spirituals leaders, we need to make sure they are who they say they are, that our lives matters as much as their individuals goals and plans. We all need to be accountable, for our children, for the next generation, if we want to inspire them to greatness.

Everyday people walk to you and tell you "you have to", when actually you don't. Take a step back on what is really necessary and how we can improve the way going through life. We can all make our own decisions on what we "have to", if we want to. This should free us some quality time and improve the quality of our lives.

Hitting 50, facing gravity and carrying your life bags, showing your scars, are you still loveable as a woman? With limited choices of places and possibilities to meet a date, a difficult world environment, increasing mental health issues amongst potential partners, how far are you willing to go? Do you allow yourself to hope, dream and look for the (next) right one, the one that will accept you as you are, in whichever state you're in? Women are still not ready to give up on loving someone and it is a good thing.

Most of us love fragrances and smells, well the one we choose, the ones who "speak" to us. But do we actually choose our fragrances or do they choose us? What do they say about us? They hold the key to most of our memories and emotions. What if we collected all our life fragrances to build our memory? Let's go fragrance hunting to make sure we have a wide variety of memories, so we can travel back and remember what we did, who we knew, who we loved and who we were.

In our modern world, we fly to mars, we have machines taking over our homes and programs decide our love life, but the safety and lives of women is a secondary issue for many countries and governments. Most of us choose not to hear their screams, not to see their bruises, we are recovering from a pandemic, so first thing first... But femicides are increasing, all around the world. 180 women are dying every day, globally. Should you care?  Well I cannot just read the numbers when they hit the headline news. Some solutions have been created by some countries, local initiatives have been launched. But I dream of a bigger, faster global solution. We need to do something, for the current generations and all the future ones. It's as much a women issues as a global mental health issue. By definition it is becoming an economic issue, or will soon be. And it is not a rich or poor country issue.

If you want to join, PLEASE reach out to me, at The Women In Danger Association ( Thanks for listening.

What did your mother tell you about love? Loving someone, being loved, asking for love, getting respect from a loved one, it seems we really are left on our own on how to deal with this. Learning to say no to the wrong person, or yes to the right one at the right time. Should and could we do better when talking to our daughters (and sons) about love? Do we do our job as a parent? As someone who cares? Are we keeping them safe? Bad experiences are part of our growing up scheme but we can do damage control if we get more involved in the love aspect of our next generation, communicating about respect, intimacy, understanding, patience, acceptance and humanity.

Women as commodities

As women grow older, and more beautiful of course, there is sadly a movement to treat them as commodities. Sometimes they themselves have let this happen, they have forgotten about themselves, all invested in their care takers' role. But their lives are long, they should claim their existence back, finding ways to ensure a better quality life, self-care, personal and professional value. There are ways to beat the odds and remain strong, authentic, charismatic and caring individual, who knows her value and declares her independence, at any age. Women are chameleons, and they can and will always surprise you.

Can you actually be yourself in this world, in these times, as a woman with an opinion, a voice, a choice and ideas? Or do you need to lay low and hope to become a crowd to be heard? Knowing yourself, building your confidence and start saying NO when needed, can be your key to improving your life. Reduce your stress, anxiety and frustration, every time you are being silenced and you just give up your voice, you are hurting your health and your soul. I believe you have a chance to change this, improve your situation, be it at home, at work, outside your comfort zone. Stop caring what people think about you or what they say. You can not please them all.

A short intro to this new and different podcast, with insights on women’s everyday topics and business challenges, a disruptive and different approach and tone.

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